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with GOTS-certificated colours

Men's Viscose-Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Color: Walnut

Weight: 155g/m²


70% Viscose (from bamboo cellulose),
30% Turkish Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton , Single Jersey

Cut: Medium Fit

Shirt-Producer: nakedshirt®


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Walnut155g/m²70% Viscose (from bamboo cellulose),
30% Turkish Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton ,Single Jersey
 Medium Fit

Men's Viscose-Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Viscose / organic cotton

In search of alternative material to the cotton,has nakedshirt made a find already in 2010 with the viscose from bamboo cellulose.

Basically it is a matter of using in future more and more materials which spare recources like arable land and water,and are ecologically friendly.

With the viscose it concerns a chemical fibre from natural polymers.These fibers are won from cellulose.The cellulose is changed by processing of bamboo in a chemical procedure and with the help of hose nozzles.

The gigantic bamboo which is home above all China and is cultivated widespread in Asia reaches a growth from up to 1 metre per day ,and under optimum conditions he can grow to 25m.The biomass is substantially higher than at customary lukewarm alliance coniferous wood.The essential advantage from our poin of view compared with cotton is that bamboo woods can grow without pesticides,fertilizers or irrigation.

After approx 3 till 5 years the bamboo is ready for the first time for the harvest.Then by rungs the bamboo automatically grows again over and over again and allows several harvests per year,big lastingness advantage compared with cotton.

Only by the material combination viscose/organic cotton we reach a very good printability,high form stability,long durability,smooth pressure sureface,textiles poor in crease and a wearcomfort reminding in silk.

                                                                                 source : nakedshirt 2014