Screenprint by FRANK DOOM

with GOTS - certificated colours

Women`s Organic Slim Fitted Longtop

Colour : White

Weight : 155g/m²    /  0.34lb/m²   /   5,46oz/m²

Compsitions :

100% Tükish Organic ringspun Combed Cotton, Single Jersey

Cut : Slim Fitted

Shirt-Producer : nakedshirt

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White155g/m²100% Turkish Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton,Single Jersey FittedWomen`s Organic Slim Fitted Long Top

#Low neckline and arm cuttings with discreet rippstick


#Side seams, double seam on the waistband

#Specially long and tight body cut

#Neutral size-label in the nape

Organic cotton

From nakedshirt used Turkish organic-cotton corresponds to the worldwide  approved Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).The certification takes place by the Control union (Netherlands) directly about the factories or from the outset along the production chain.The marking of the textiles with the suitable logo(GOTS or Blended) and the certification stands on the Care-lable of the textiles.

The Global Organic Textile Standard is the leading criterion worldwide,in the area of ecologial textiles.It is worth a worldwide uniform lable of which the observance of the demanding ecological and social criteria assure along the whole value added chain. By control and transparency will become aims like no child employment,payments of existence-protecting minimum wages, right on freedom of assembly,no hard labour,observance of the working hours according to national laws and international standards,no discriminations of workers,firm employment contracts,an ecologically friendly production and sure,clean hygienic working sphere moved.

With the conversion of many articles on organic-cotton supports nakedshirt the protection of the people and chemical fertilisers before poisoning and ground water and drinking water is not dirtied any more.The application of genetic-manipulated cottonseeds is forbidden.By the necessary crop rotation grounds are more fertile and the biodiversity improves.The application of irrigation plants is defeated by a better control according to GOTS.

With the cultivation of organic-cotton and the standards of GOTS,farmers can escape,from the debt case by steadily rising costs for fertilisers and pesticides,as well as the compulsion to have to buy always new,only once usable genetic-manipulated seeds.

                                                                           Source: nakedshirt 2014