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COMPRESSORHEAD Party Machine  -Full Album- CD

released November 25, 2017

Recorded March 2016 at the Robocross Rockshop, Berlin,
in collaboration with Geezer's Palace Studio
Additional recording at Mirrorlake Studios, Zurich
and somewhere in the woods near Lund, BC
Mixed at Paul's Where?house, Vancouver BC
Produced by John Wright
Engineered by Paul Forgues
Mixed by John Wright and Paul Forgues
Additional mixing by Steve Wiles on „Zombies vs. Robots” and
“Loose Screw”
Additional engineering by Martin Staeheli
Gear and assistance - Geezer's Palace Studio, Steve Wiles and
Sam Sheppard
Mastering by Matthew Barnhart, Chicago Matering Service
Vinyl mastering by Ivar Finsen & Tor H. Degerstrøm, THD Vinylmastering Oslo
Pictures - NVB & Frank Barnes
Layout - NVB

All songs written by John Wright except "These Bots Are Made For Rocking" based on "These Boots are Made for Walking" written by Lee Hazelwood, Nancy Sinatra, ©Lee Hazelwood Criterion Music Corp
"Speed Walking Lady" written by John Wright, Tom Holliston
"These People Like to Dance" written by Craig Vishek
"Place I‘m At" written by Craig Vishek, John Wright
"Let There Be Light" written by Byron Slack, John Wright
"My Girlfriend‘s A Robot" written by Tom Holliston
“Made To Be” written by John Wright, Byron Slack

Compressorhead is:

Mega-Wattson - Vocals
Hellgå Tarr - Guitar, Vocals
Fingers - Guitar
Bones - Bass
Stickboy - Drums
J. Schmidt - HiHat, Vocals

Watson‘s Vocal Coach – John Wright
Helgå‘s Vocal Coach – Nik Leuthold
J. Schmidt Wrangler – Tom Holliston

Frank Barnes (Robocross Machines) – Concept – Design - Fishing
Markus Kolb (Kernschrottrobots) - Guitar interpreter – Plectrum Dept. – Design - Brick Wrangler
Mr Stock – MIDI Meister – Software – Programming - Dutch
Miles Van Dorssen – Bones‘ personal trainer
NVB - 3D-CAD - Design - Tofu
Frank Doom - Project facilitator - personal assistant to Stickboy - Merch

Special thanks - Nik Leuthold, Patsy Flock, Salomea, Maja Thommen, Godzballz, Jens Martens for feeding the meatbags during recording, Theresa Trenks (Carry Coal), Eule, Wasilios & Patrick (Zahnradbau Ruger GmbH), Gibson Guitars, Cerwin Vega, Marshall Amplification, Natal Drums, TC Electronic, Festo Crew Chemnitz, Herman Nadrowski, Boris v. Löhe (Gibson Showroom Berlin), Ariadni Giousmis, Alex Madrid, Bastiaan Maris, Sam Sheppard, Gabü Sandring and all our fans, supporters and friends

© all rights reserved